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SME Special Offer

Retained HR Services & HR Support for SME businesses

Pre paid HR hours give you outstandingly competitive rates compared most legal firms and HR support services in the UK.
SME businesses can choose from "pay as you go" HR advice and HR support or
"HR hours purchased in advance" which represents even better value for money.

Free HR Advice

Free HR Advice for SME Businesses

If you are an employer with a burning HR question, why not give us a try for free!
Yes, that's right, free HR Advice!
Email your query to and we'll answer your query for FREE.
Terms & Conditions Offer available to EMPLOYERS only
Your query must comprise a short email (less than 50 words), be employment related and the answer not dependent on the analysis of additional information by TeamHR. Only one query per organisation.

Employment Tribunal Services for SMEs

Employment Tribunal Services for SMEs

Do you defend or settle? What do you need to do by when? How do I defend a claim?
Getting a claim or, part of a claim struck out.
Our tribunal division represents employers at
Employment Tribunal and the Employment Appeals Tribunals.

Team HR helping a corporation

HR services for UK based corporate businesses

Whether you are looking for an "extra pair" of HR hands for your latest HR project, an independent set of HR eyes for an investigation, policy or structure review.

Or perhaps seeking a people centred pragmatic outplacement service, contact us today.
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Employment Law News

The latest HR and employment news from TeamHR. Breaking news stories are added every week to help keep you and your business up to date with the latest breaking news in employment, employment law, personnel management and HR.

Take a look at our weekly employment law & HR news page.
Also our main news page giving you the inside knowledge concerning the latest HR issues.

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HR Freebies!

Free HR Forms and Guides

This section of the TeamHR website aims to provide free and helpful resources for personal and organisational development amongst employers within the UK.

Download our latest HR Freebie (a topical HR Form and SME Guide) in MS Word or PDF format for use in your business.