Purchase HR hours in advance Services for SME businesses

This pre paid HR option is best suited to the majority of SME organisations, because you spread the cost of HR advice and support monthly, and you pay much less per hour compared with "pay as you go".

Pre paid HR hours give you outstandingly competitive rates compared most legal firms and HR support services in the UK. You get access to support 52 weeks of the year, 5 days per week, you can use your pre-paid hours for telephone advice, email advice, a face to face meeting (subject to advance booking), on site at your premises (subject to advance booking), drafting policies, drafting letters, preparing defence for employment tribunal, representation at tribunal, HR projects.

Our HR consultant time is allocated first and foremost to our Purchase HR Hours in Advance Clients - you go to the top of the queue!

Our standard commercial hourly rates range from £75.00 to £150.00 plus VAT per hour, with "purchase HR hours up front" you can make savings of up to 50% on these rates.

"The trouble with the HR advice line we used to use was that they would "tell us" what to do, over the phone, but we still had to do it! Then we'd do what we thought they'd told us to do and they'd say, "That's not what we meant"! Getting them to draft a letter was like getting blood out of a stone. TeamHR tell you what needs to be done and then do a lot of it for you!"
SME owner

You choose the number of HR hours you want to purchase over 12, 24 or 36 months; the hourly rate you get simply depends on volume, nothing complicated! You can even roll forward some (up to 35%) of your un-used hours from one year to the next! Payment has to be via standing order.

It gets better! Once you have a "purchase HR hours in advance" contract with us you can add additional hours to your contract at any time at the SAME discounted hourly rate if you start to run out of HR hours OR you can choose to upgrade your package to a greater volume of pre paid HR hours and get an even better hourly rate going forward.

Email your purchase order to web.enquiry@teamhr.co.uk
Legal DisclaimerOffer available to employers only
30 hours for use during a 12 month period with 3 month notice in writing required for non renewal; payment by monthly standing order only; full Legal Disclaimer of service available on request.
apply, subject to availability.