Pay as You Go Services for SME businesses

This option is best suited to organisations, confident that they really will just need to buy the odd few minutes or occasional day of TeamHR Consultant time from us.

Rates are very competitive compared with most legal firms.

The majority of small queries can be squeezed into our workload pretty much "at the drop of a hat", you can:

Phone on 08456383181 Phone on 0845 680 3862 Fax on 08456801416 Fax on 0845 680 1416 Email TeamHREmail

Any quick query response will be charged at our standard commercial rates.

The chances are that you'll get an answer the same day, even within the hour!

Most of our consultant time is dedicated in advance to clients that purchase hours up front so if you need a lot of our time at short notice you may not be so lucky. We will always try to fit your urgent work into our schedule, and most of the time we do "pull a rabbit out of the hat" but you will be paying by the hour at our standard commercial rates, (depending on the nature of your requirement your project will be assigned to either an HR Consultant or a Senior HR Consultant or an HR Director Consultant; our standard commercial hourly rates range from £75.00 to £150.00 plus VAT per hour).